Mary Jane: The Complete Handbook for Women

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The saying goes “don’t judge a book by its cover” but Mary Jane: The Complete Handbook for Women really is a beautiful book. What’s inside is pretty substantial as well because it covers the full spectrum of cannabis as women see it: healer, life amplifier and a perfect vehicle to preserve and achieve more freedom for the masses.

While Mary Jane is very definitely entertainment and culture friendly, what we at Ladybud like most about this book is that it does not simply include recipes, quips and quotes from celebrities, but its primary focus is encouraging more and more women to be informed their rights and how they can help us keep the tide turning towards a fully realized and fully legal future for cannabis consumers.

Ladybud publisher Diane Fornbacher is quoted in Chapter 11’s Marijuana Mamas: Cannabis and Parenting. Having been public for quite some time about her cannabis use and advocacy, Fornbacher’s journey has often led to discussion board lashings when she’s written for or been interviewed by mainstream media. Cheri counters that by humanizing many activists in whose circles she and Fornbacher traverse on a regular basis.

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Mary Jane is a book rife with sumptuous photos and graphics — it’s very hip and coffee table ready. There’s none of the dirty-fingernails-after-a-three-day-festival-without-running-water stock photos we used to see when media covered us in the olden days — which we attribute to Cheri’s experience within our movement and a sincere effort to portray us as we are, not as the public would try to frame us. Sicard’s book is cannawomen-centric and informs, entertains and celebrates activists and families who have been caught up in the nasty war on cannabis consumers but it’s unintimidating for anyone who might need to be gently informed. It looks mainstream but has a healthy, wonderful dose of subversiveness.

MARY JANE: The Complete Marijuana Handbook for Women
By Cheri Sicard
233 pp. Seal Press/Perseus Books Group.
$14.23 Paperback; $11.99 Kindle