Lady Business: Jordan Person of Primal Therapeutics Cannabis Infused Massage Therapy

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This past year has been totally insane for Jordan Person, the owner of Primal Therapeutics. Between driving hundreds of miles each month to visit patients and clients both local and tourist, Person also entertains national and international media on a regular basis. While the Green Rush is drawing all kinds to Colorado where so long ago others chased gold, Jordan genuinely cares for cannabis and people. She’s looking to make the world a more comforting place while she engages her entrepreneurial journey and that is something we can respect.  — Diane Fornbacher, Publisher of Ladybud Magazine

LADYBUD: Where did you study and get certified in massage therapy?

Jordan and Alina at the one year anniversary party for Primal Therapeutics.

Jordan Person: I received my Massage Therapy certification in Clearwater, Florida in 2006. I wanted to specialize my craft and set myself apart so in 2008, I went to Hawaii and trained in Kauai where I received certification for 50 hours of Lomi Lomi and 50 hours of Hot Stone and Sand Therapy.

LB: As a Licensed Practical Nurse, surely your experience folds into amplifying your practice in massage therapy. Can you tell us how you incorporate health care into your current occupation?

Jordan: The root of our health can be seen through our muscles and their attachments. My experiences as a nurse put meclosely in touch with every aspect of the human body. Massage therapy is preventative health care. Not only does massage provide relief to numerous health conditions, it can help find issues that could become relevant down the road. It is not just about providing relief of symptoms it is about preventing those symptoms from occurring.

LB: You are a healer but you are also an advocate for patients and cannabis, can you tell us where you’ve testified to the efficacy of cannabis-infused massage and how the experience moved you?

Jordan:  Last year I had the honor of going to Las Vegas, Nevada for the first time in my life and it was to speak on a subcommittee panel on behalf of Senator Segerblom. My purpose was to educate the panel on the benefits of cannabis infused massage therapy and to urge the necessity of adding ancillary businesses such as mine that are a result of the legalization of cannabis to their regulatory framework. The experience changed my life. It made me realize that sometimes what you think what you have is just an idea, it can end up being something that changes your life forever. This May I will be going to Washington D.C. to speak to members of congress on the same topics and how they can be applied at the Federal level.
LB: There is a personal story to your more naturopathic journey to healing others, can you tell our readers about that how to came into the healing arts?


“Massage therapy is preventative health care.”

Jordan: I have been in the medical field since I was fourteen when I began volunteering for hospice. I was a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) by sixteen, a Nurse by nineteen and by twenty five, I was so burned out by medicating patients for their side effects of pharmaceuticals, I wanted a career change. Massage allowed me to continue being a healer but now just with my hands. The empathic healer in me was finally set free. I began to seek out more and more knowledge about Eastern philosophies. When I became ill at the age of twenty nine and conventional western physicians could not explain my pain, I grew increasingly aggravated with the whole medical model. With each diagnosis I received, my intuitive side, heart and soul pushed me further away from what I was taught in school. The sick version of me did not want the chemicals I was being prescribed. I began to use cannabis to treat every symptom I experienced. When I realized what herbs were capable of there was no turning back.

LB: This past year has been really busy for you with clients all over the state of Colorado — how has helping patients people helped you feel closer to the healing power of cannabis and what have been some of the challenges of working on people who might be confined indoors and struggling with illness?
Jordan and Rachel

Jordan and good friend Rachel Gillette at Puff, Pass, Paint Classes in Denver, CO filming with Swedish Public Television recently.
Photo: Jordan’s Facebook

Jordan: I love that my company is mobile. The scenery is beautiful and the feeling of driving has always made me happy in general. It gives me time to block myself and prepare my energy for healing my patient. When I witness how cannabis helps each of my patients in different ways I realize its power more with each treatment session. I am mystified by the endless diagnoses it helps. As a Nurse there is not one single drug that could alleviate symptoms of multiple conditions the way cannabis does. It performs multiple functions simultaneously and I watch people’s pain and symptoms disappear. The struggles of working on homebound patients really only come from occasional weather. The higher the level of acuity of a patient the more I thrive related to my nursing experience. One of my most challenging clients is homebound and is 57 miles away. I see what I can do for her though so it makes the drive enjoyable.

LB: In addition to traveling to meet clients for appointments, you also are involved with scheduling clients at the cannabis-friendly Adagio Bud and Breakfast locations in Denver and Silverthorne, Colorado. How has that experience been?

Jordan: My relationship with the Adagio Bud and Breakfast is a fantastic one. Our services compliment each other well so it is a perfect fit. I have a wonderful independent contractor, Alina, who also sees the guests there as well as the guests of the Colorado Cannabis Tour company with whom we also schedule. Tourism is a huge part of my company. I adore every person that comes here just to experience the freedom that I get to live every day.

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LB: You are also involved in politics on a local level and volunteer to help your community. Where have you volunteered and to what kind of efforts have you contributed?

State Rep Angela Williams

At the Edward M. Kennedy awards dinner in 2014 with State Representative Angela Williams who received the award for Democrat of the Year. Also pictured is Jordan’s boyfriend Kevin Mahmalji.

Jordan: Volunteering is my hobby. I love giving back. There were days when I was sick that I didn’t think I would see 35. I am alive, so giving my time to causes greater than myself just makes sense to me. The love of my life, Kevin, amplified my love for volunteering and encourages my need to do it. Since moving here 4 years ago, I have done phlebotomy at the 9 Health Fairs every year. I have helped the Green Team and Groundwork Denver plant trees and prepare gardens throughout Denver. I have helped my local Democratic House District with varying fundraisers and walked in parades on behalf of our House Districts State Representative, done chair massage for veteran organizations, protested at the Capitol, and am on the board of the Colorado Chapter of the American Cannabis Nurses Association. I performed varying tasks for the Medical Marijuana Conference. Recently, I have joined the efforts of NORML and will be serving on the board of the Denver chapter.

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LB: Having just celebrated the one year anniversary of Primal Therapeutics, what do see in the future for your business and the overall legalization movement and industry?

jordan snowshoeing

Snowshoeing in the Rockies.
Photo: K. Mahmalji

Jordan: I see expansion with hopeful eyes. I want to be able to offer my services to more people, as well as to continue to educate other therapists in other states what I have learned so far in this first year of business. I have started discussion groups to broaden the conversation across the country. I see the continuation of legalization across this country and the ending of the federal prohibition of marijuana. I see this leading the way for the opening of better and healthier markets, such as cannabis infused topicals being made available like Tiger Balm or Burt’s Bees in health food stores.

LB: As busy as you are, you seem to find time to enjoy the Colorado outdoors and travel. What are some of the ways you like to decompress and reinvigorate?

Jordan: Nature is by far my favorite way to hit the reset button. I love to hike and be outdoors with my dogs. I love to see places I haven’t been and eat things I haven’t tried before. I absolutely love to cook and sometimes an amazing culinary experience is just as relevant as a trip I can take in a plane or car. At the end of my day, I will admit I am addicted to Pinterest. I don’t pin though, but I make tons of the things I find. My glue gun is a precious treasure.

LB: Who are your cannabis movement and industry mentors?

kevin jordan

Jordan and Kevin in Florida last year.

Jordan: My industry mentors are people I am very fortunate enough to have on speed dial. First would be the man I get to wake up next to everyday, Kevin Mahmalji. His work in politics and cannabis has inspired me from the day he walked into my life. His activism is partly why I fell in love with him. His opinions are strong and his passion for the issues he takes on is like nothing I have ever seen before. Next, I would have to say Ladybud publisher, Diane Fornbacher. I first met her at the Capitol when we were both there protesting the same bill last year. Her public testimony left me feeling compelled to know her. Her story of survival and her urge to fight for the rights of the cannabis plant no matter how exhausting it can be continuously inspires me. Lastly, I will say Rachel Gillette, Esq. The internal fire that burns inside her to fight for what she believes in reminds me to always stay motivated for the cause.