Save Cove Point, Maryland! Don’t Frack the Marcellus Shale

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The community in Lusby, Maryland, does not want their beautiful area destroyed by fracking. They have organized, protested, marched and are now asking for help from the rest of the world to raise much-needed funds to fight the corporate plans to frack their local lands. While politicians and corporate interests are chomping at the bit to build a $3.8 billion facility on the Chesapeake Bay, locals and environmental scientists are concerned about the impact of the facility and the gas it would produce on the local environment and the global climate.

While industry insiders, including Dominion, the ominously-named company that would manage the facility, claim that natural gas is cleaner than coal, those statements do not take into account the fossil fuel used to extract, liquify, transport and process the gas. According to Bill McKibben, natural gas is roughly on par with coal in regard to greenhouse gas emissions. There is also concern about groundwater contamination and the impact of production air quality. Any short-term financial gain from building the facility and processing and selling the gas will be offset by the long-term damage to the area and the environment.

We Are Cove Point has launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise money in their fight against a large-scale facility on the Chesapeake Bay. Currently, for roughly the next $3,000 worth of donations (at the time of publication, $7,185 had been pledged), all pledges will be doubled. A sponsor has agreed to double all donated funds from $5,000 to the $10,000 mark.

Funds raised by this campaign will be used for community organization and education, including door-to-door campaigning in the Lusby community and lobbying of local and state lawmakers.  Those who are able to can donate to the Indiegogo campaign here. Readers can follow the on the We Are Cove Point Facebook page as well.


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Photo Credit: The We Are Cove Point Facebook Page.