REVIEW: The Indica Vaporizer

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Vaporizers are quickly becoming a portable, discreet method of enjoying any type of herb. The “Indica” is new to the market and resembles an old fashioned “Zippo” type lighter. It comes in a sturdy, wood case which is lined with velvet and also includes a velvet bag to as well as several cleaning tools. The box is a great stash holder in addition to a method of reducing waste.

The manufacturers of the Indica reached out and requested a special review, based on how women responded to and liked the new vaporizer. Here’s what comes with an Indica vaporizer:

  • 1 x Lacquered wooden container.

  • 1 x Indica Vaporizer

    • Weight: 159 grams or 5.61 ounces

    • Dimension (inches): 3.15 tall x 2.008 wide x 0.906 deep

    • Capacity:

      • 0.2 grams (Recommended capacity, loosely packed, coarse grind w/ spacer)

      • 0.4 grams (Max capacity, tightly packed, micro grind w/o spacer)

  • 1 x Instruction Manual

  • 1 x US Wall Power Adapter with USB input

  • 1 x Male USB Mini 5 port to Male USB Type A

  • 1 x Velvet protective pouch

  • Accessories Kit

    • 1 x Wire brush cleaner

    • 1 x Replacement Indica oven lid

    • 2 x Indica vape pick

    • 3 x Metal spacers

    • 5 x Pipe cleaner

    • 5 x Screens

This particular model is designed for use both as a plug in and portable version, which most women will definitely appreciate. The manufacturer refers to it as a “tobacco product,” however any type of dried herb can be utilized. This model of vaporizer does not appear to work with oils, concentrates or extracts, so none were tested.

The device itself contains a magnetic oven cover, which is extremely handy when loading the oven. The Indica can hold 0.2-0.4 grams, and it also comes with “spacers” for newbies or people who only wish to vape a small amount at a time. Indica recommended charging the device initially for 12 hours, after which the vape only requires a 3 hour charge time for approximately 1.5 hours.

After 10 minutes of continual charging, the vape will automatically shut off in order to conserve power. The device initially does come with some precursors and the guide recommends you charge for 12 hours, after which the unit only requires a 3 hour charge cycle for approximately 1.5 hours of continual use(duration varies based on temperatures selected). After approx. 10 minutes of a single heat setting, the device will automatically shut off conserving power.

The Indica is charged via USB Mini 5 port at the bottom of the device and for convenience may be connected to any USB Type A connection or with the provided wall adapter. In addition, the device may be operated while charging, should the battery cells become depleted.

Unlike other portable vaporizers, the Indica was created with 4 temperature guides, the first (and lowest) of which is Cyan (340F). Blue (at 358F) is the next highest temperature and allows the user to truly appreciate the taste of the herb. Green is the next setting, allowing the user to set the temperature at 376F. Purple (at 394F) if the next highest and Red (at 412F) is the highest setting.

Packing the unit requires precision, as the bowl is deeper than it is wide. Fortunately, the Indica team provides users a vape pick that helps push herbs inside the bowl. While packing, be mindful of the lid grooves. These recessed portions have a tendency to trap herbs, but the caught herbs are easily removed with the provided Indica vape pick.

Removing the contents from the Indica requires the provided pick or toothpick. Since the Indica holds upwards of .3 grams, a typical user may only need to re-load the Indica while at home. I found using the Indica with .2 grams and one spacer yielded ideal results. Loaded and powered off, the unit does not emit noticeable odor from herb contents. Coupled with the hinged lid, the mouthpiece typically with faint traces of odor is concealed fully for the user.

As far as a portable vaporizer goes, the Indica requires a small learning curve and doesn’t come with a very large oven, but for the lady on the go, it fits well in a purse or bag and is discreet. It retails for $199.99 and domestic shipping is free.