Poem: The Seussian Silliness of Prohibition

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“My gut’s growing from tossing back bottles of beer,
and I certainly don’t want to take speed.
In certain forms both those things are perfectly legal,
so why can’t we have legal weed?

That dealer’s house is scary,
I don’t want to go,
once I heard gunshots and suddenly peed.
I don’t want to die over a minor transaction,
so I hope we can legalize weed.

I’m against neither the taxation nor regulation of pot;
on those issues we need to proceed.
We do this with alcohol, and tobacco, and guns,
so we can certainly do this with weed.

Now, it’s not for everyone, that is for sure;
it can be abused, I’m willing to concede.
Yet, addiction is a medical, not a criminal issue;
it serves justice to legalize weed.

To that point, Jeff Mizanskey is rotting in prison
for a plant with no hope he’ll be freed.
You want press that doesn’t involve riots, Jay Nixon?
Then free Jeff and help legalize weed.

Colorado’s experiment has proven successful.
In the mountains they planted the seed.
The petition’s been filed in the state of Missouri;
now show me that legalized weed.

More jobs! More freedom! More funding for schools!
More programs to teach kids to read!
If you love your state, then step up to the plate, the results will be great,
don’t space on the date, and in ’16 vote to legalize weed!”

Photo Credit: Bogdan under (CC BY-SA 3.0) via Wikimedia Commons