Happy Thanksgiving From Ladybud!

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Thanksgiving is a complicated, problematic holiday to say the least. Still, regardless of its roots, Thanksgiving has for several generations been a day of rest and familial celebrations, viewed as a day to be thankful for all we have.

This year, an unprecedented number of Americans are being forced to work on the holiday, in order to make a few more dollars for the wealthy, who profit from increased retail sales. Instead of a day devoted to thankfulness and family, it is now devolving another day of greed and consumerism.

Ladybud Magazine sends warm holiday wishes to all those fortunate enough to be at home, sharing a meal with their loved ones today. Ladybud also stands in compassionate solidarity with those for whom today is a difficult day. Those people include Native Americans/First Nations people, the homeless and hungry, retail workers, those struggling with mental health issues or a recent loss, and those for whom this holiday (or the date, November 27th) is an anniversary of a loss, trauma, or tragedy.

Be safe on the roads; remember that alcohol consumption increases substantially over the holiday weekend. Treat those you meet, especially in a work environment, with compassion and kindness today and tomorrow.

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Photo Credit: martha_chapa95 under (CC BY 2.0) via Flickr