Post Halloween Round-up: No Marijuana Candy Handed Out, Dispensary in Berkeley Honored

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Despite the reefer madness being spouted by the Denver Police Department (and several others following their lead), warning parents that cannabis users might be sneaking medicated candies into trick or treating bags, Halloween has come and gone with not a single story of a pot-poisoned child being rushed to the emergency room.

Let’s all curb the desire to tell the prohibitionists “I told you so.” Of course no one wanted to undermine safe, legal recreational cannabis access for adults by drugging children without their consent. Of course no one wanted to spend $5 per trick or treater, only to wind up in prison for their generosity. Marijuana candies, after all, have been available legally (and illegally) for years in states with medical marijuana programs, and no one had yet had the brilliant idea to hand their medication out to kids.

Beyond last Friday’s Trick or Treating going off without any weed-related hitches and the fact that the mainstream media seemed to pick up on the reefer madness law enforcement was displaying, this Halloween saw another milestone for marijuana in our culture.

The city of Berkeley, California, is well-known as a liberal municipality. This year, officials from the city of Berkeley dedicated Halloween to the Berkeley Patients Group (BPG) in celebration of the 15th anniversary of the country’s oldest medical marijuana dispensary. City officials spoke about the important service that BPG offers to the citizens of Berkeley and recognized it as a major generator of sales tax revenue. At least in Berkeley, October 31st will now be known as Berkeley Patients Group Day .

Congrats to Berkeley and BPG for this wonderful turn of events. Being recognized in this manner not only helps to show broader society that cannabis community is respectable, but that there are real civic advantages to legalization and regulation, not the least of which is tax revenue. May Halloween next year not be accompanied by so much reefer madness!

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