Let us Come Home: An Oklahoma Cannabis Refugee’s Plea

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My name is Brittany Hardy Warrior. I am the mother of 2 year old Jaqie Angel Warrior who was recently sentenced to a maximum of 4 years of confinement in the State of Colorado when Mary Fallin was re-elected. I guess my daughter made her first mistake at 5 months old when she became ill and started having deadly seizures every day. She made her second mistake when her body refused to respond to the AED’s, ACTH injections and the ketogenic diet, and her frail body got worse and weaker by the day. And then her third mistake was actually finding a medicine in Colorado, “MARIJUANA A.K.A. Cannabis Oil” that worked and made her seizures 95% better. Now, because of her use of this medicine she is breaking the law federally and is a true criminal in the minds of Oklahoman’s.

I assumed we would get to bring Jaqie Angel back home shortly after the elections. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I prayed for Joe Dorman to win for days and days leading up to this one big night of elections that could have changed everyone’s life. We are all upset; my entire family is distraught. Even my 7 year old daughter Ania called me this morning before school crying. She understands how many pleas we’ve extended to our Governor for help. My family has begged with tears in our eyes and desperation in our hearts for Mary Fallin to have some compassion for Jaqie. The Governor has the power to sign any executive order into effect, so why not one that will save lives instead of the ones she signs that are destroying lives? Why not be a truly caring Governor like she has claimed to be and solve this problem of life and death, not just Jaqie for but for everyone?

As my daughter serves out her 4 year sentence, I will be fighting and advocating harder than ever to bring my baby back home and see that everyone in Oklahoma has safe and legal access to Cannabis. As I write this my mind is already planning the next steps I should take and what else I can do to make a difference and be productive. My daughter should not be at fault due to her medical conditions or discriminated against because she uses cannabis oil as a medication to treat her deadly seizures. She shouldn’t be shunned from her home state, banned due to having severe epilepsy for which there is no cure. How is that humane? I feel as if she is being punished, like all my kids and my entire family are being punished.

Are we such bad people and criminals because we have the desire to keep our daughter alive and yearn to do so in our own home together…as a family? If that makes me a bad person, then I will be that. I long for my family. I long to be home. Those feelings will never go away until I’m back in the arms of my loved ones, sleeping in my own bed, getting my girls ready for school every morning and attending my kids’ award ceremonies that I have missed all year and most importantly being together as a family again. There’s no disputing that Jaqie needs and deserves cannabis oil to continue repairing her brain, controlling her deadly seizures and allowing her to grow and thrive, but why debate on where her healing takes place? She deserves to be in her own home.

Although my daughter is one of the Nation’s youngest criminals at only two years old, she is a HERO and provider of hope to many. She is proof that cannabis works and with her Tulsa Neurologist, Dr. Amy Stauffer, on her side, we will rock the hearing with our testimony at the State Capitol in Oklahoma for the Cannabis Interim Study taking place this year.

How much longer will lawmakers and legislators be able to turn a blind eye and deny the medical proof before they are held accountable? I provided medical records and proof that cannabis oil has worked miracles for my daughter, as well as countless other scientific case studies for a number of ailments treated and cured successfully with cannabis. When is it going to NOT be okay for children and adults alike to be denied this miracle plant? When is it going to be recognized as a crime committed by the legislators, lawmakers and the States individually who deny cannabis to those in need while those people suffer unbearable pain, constant seizures, and cancers that are killing them slowly? How many more innocent lives must be lost or brains damaged over time by forcing our loved ones to take pharmaceuticals instead of allowing them the right to use a safe and effective medicine called cannabis? That is the true crime taking place here.

The criminals aren’t the mom who gives her baby marijuana so seizures don’t steal their life or the dad treating his son with marijuana and edibles because chemo almost killed his precious child when cancer was taking him away and now marijuana is curing it. The criminal is not the disabled Veteran who lights up a joint instead of blowing his brains out against the wall as his PTSD consumes him, and the depression becomes too much to bear. We are not criminals! We are trying to stay alive and fight death, our weapon of choice- the marijuana plant. We are fighting to keep our children alive, fighting to keep our loved ones alive and illegal or not, we have no choice but to fight. Fight or succumb to DEATH. I have no choice, as most of us don’t, but to continue to fight. I refuse to let death defeat my daughter when cannabis gives her life!

The true criminals are the legislators, lawmakers and Governors who refuse cannabis and essentially LIFE to those in desperate need of cannabis and on the verge of dying. It should be mandatory to charge them with the crime they are all illegally committing as they have the scientific proof of the medicinal benefits of marijuana yet they still deny it to so many in need and in turn tens of thousands of lives are being lost. People are dying unnecessarily. The politicians should be charged with manslaughter.

Criminally Negligent Manslaughter: A homicide resulting from the taking of an unreasonable and high degree of risk. Jurisdictions are divided on the question of whether the defendant must be aware of the risk. Modern criminal codes generally require a consciousness of risk, although, under some codes, the absence of this element makes the offense a less serious homicide.

There are numerous cases in which a failure to perform a duty has been found to constitute criminally negligent manslaughter. The existence of a duty is essential. Since the law does not recognize that an ordinary person has a duty to aid or rescue another in distress, an ensuing death from failure to act would not be manslaughter. On the other hand, an omission in which one has a duty, such as the failure of a lifeguard to attempt to save a drowning person, might constitute the offense.

unnamed2That is the legal definition of Criminally Negligent Manslaughter. What about the Governors like Mary Fallin who deny all children and people in need this medicine? What about the four children who passed away in this last year in Oklahoma alone due to seizures who never even got a fighting chance to try cannabis oil? What about the families who aren’t fortunate enough to rip their lives apart and move to a state where there is legal access to cannabis like we were able to do for Jaqie Angel? Will our Governor be held accountable for manslaughter and the lives lost on her watch due to her lack of compassion and refusal legalize cannabis for patients with medical need? She must be held accountable. All of these Governors and lawmakers must be held accountable because enough is enough. There are too many children dying and people suffering. How precious is a human life to a lawmaker? Not very precious at all judging from most of our legislators and our very own newly re-elected Governor, Mary Fallin.

I am unsure of what the future holds but what I am certain of is that we are in the middle of a cold, hard war for medical marijuana in the state of Oklahoma. There has never been a more necessary time than now to fight back. I urge all who read this to take a stand today. Please hold these “People of Power” accountable for their actions. So many lives depend on our voices. Will you please let yours be heard?

Free the prisoner patients and families. Jaqie Angel and I want to come home. Let’s bring all of these families back together because no one should have to be #illegallyhealed. Thank you.

Follow the Support for Jaqie Angel page on Facebook to get regular updates on Jaqie and her family. They have also set up a GoFundMe page for those who would like to help contribute toward the expense of the high-quality cannabis oil that is helping Jaqie. To read other articles that discuss Jaqie Angel, click here.

Photo Credit: Brittany Hardy