Cascade Wonder Strain Review

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Cascade Wonder: Unknown Genetics
A Cascade Alternative Resources house strain.

Cascade Alternative Resources
6430 NE Martin Luther King Blvd
Portland, Oregon
(503) 284-6714

Recommended uses:
1. Pain (Tension produced)
2. Depression
3. Stress Reduction

This flower is moderately dense with a slight cushion to it. It leaves sticky residues on your fingers from a light squeeze, at the same time releasing its pungent earthen humus smell. The strain gives itself away as a strong indica leaning hybrid, both on looks, structure and scent. I am unsure of the genetic lineage, as is the grower. However it reminds me of something related to Bubba Kush and Oregon Big Bud. Very light colored, lime greens mixed with medium hunter greens, light orange hairs densely forest this flower, trichromes are plentiful and cover every available surface of the bud.

This strain possesses a strong and robust flavor that at the same time is smooth and citrusy, followed by the pungent earthy forest humus given away with the smell. The tastes of sweet and sugary floral with hinting maple tones comes upon exhalation. It produces very little cough due to the mild amount of smoke expansion. The harshness that is common in uncured flower is missing, instead being replaced with a very smooth and mild smoke, the grower gave it a properly long cure.

The initial head high is unmistakably crisp and quick. The first sensation is a halo right around your eyes. There is a slow creeping body stone to the experience. The sedation of CBN is definitely there, but not an overbearing sense of lethargy. The hybrid blend of sativa and indica is revealed by the steady and even psychoactivity. It lacks the potent energetic feelings of a sativa while not creating the want for a nap. This is a great strain for daily daytime consumption as overall functionablility is not impaired, also to be noted, the mental clarity is very refreshing and productive. I believe this strain would be an effective choice for producing medicinal cannabis oil. The very balanced nature makes it an ideal candidate for large dosing regimens.

Photo Credit: TheChristoff under (CC BY 3.0) via DeviantArt