Mainstream Media Dismisses Halloween Marijuana Candy Scare

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The Denver Police started a fresh wave of reefer madness when they issued a warning two weeks ago about the possibility of unscrupulous people trying to sneak marijuana-infused candies into kid’s trick or treat bags.

Since then, police departments in Kauai, Hawaii and San Diego, California have also issued public statements warning parents to check their kids’ candy haul for cannabis-coated candies masquerading as harmless sweets.

Thankfully, the mainstream media, both here and abroad, have been dismissing the newest great “threat” as a lot of overblown hype. Some have gone so far as to say that anyone giving kids marijuana-laced Halloween candy will likely be found to be anti-marijuana activists.

Even Forbes has weighed in on the issue, dismissing it as the overblown reefer madness that it is. Of course, the same columnist was able to dig up a story of someone who handed out medicated candy by accident; a postal worker who picked up a package that had been undeliverable and nonreturnable (in other words, a direct result of marijuana prohibition).

For the parents who are sincerely concerned about drugged candy, there is a test available for home use. In reality, however, there is little to no risk of anyone handing out dosed candy. Follow the standard Halloween safety rules and let the kids have fun, getting all the sugar they can.

Don’t let the prohibitionist boogeyman ruin a perfectly good holiday.

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Photo Credit: PublicDomainPhotos under public domain via Pixabay