Justice for Milton Hall: Mentally Unwell Man Executed by Police

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Trigger Warning: This article discusses police murder of a man who called them for help and includes a link to graphic video of the murder.

For much of his life, my son Milton stood up for those who did not have the strength to stand up for themselves.

But now he’s gone, gunned down by Saginaw police officers who fired more than 45 shots at him, striking him 14 times. Now, Milton Hall needs someone to stand up for him.

Watch the video of Milton Hall’s shooting. Warning: contains graphic footage.

Although Milton’s death was captured on camera, caught by police dashcams and bystanders’ cellphones, justice still has not been served.

Despite the abundance of evidence, the Saginaw County prosecutor refused to charge the officers who killed Milton with any crime. Earlier this year, the U.S. Department of Justice failed to charge those officers as well.

Milton’s death has been devastating to me, to our family and to our community. But his senseless killing also has given me a renewed commitment to work, in the little time that I have left, with parents whose kids have been similarly killed.

Together, we must address conditions that allow police to use excessive and deadly force with impunity. We need to change how police deal with situations like the one that ended my son’s life.

Thank you so much for listening,

Jewel Hall

The preceding text was sent as an Action Alert by ACLU of Michigan.

Mentally unwell Milton Hall was shot at more than 45 times by police officers for holding a pen knife. Attorneys for Hall’s family and the ACLU are pressing the case, demanding justice for Milton. They say, accurately, that the police acted like a “firing squad” and that the failure to prosecute these officers is a miscarriage of justice. After watching the video, it’s very hard to disagree.

Follow the Justice for Milton Hall group on Facebook and help spread the message that police shootings of those who do not present immediate threats of harm to officers or others is unacceptable, especially when the victim is mentally ill.

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Photo Credit: Justice for Milton Hall Facebook page