Beyond Marijuana Candy: Real Tips for Safe Halloween Trick-or-Treating

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A true canna-warrior, Rx MaryJane of Colorado (Teri Robnett), founder of the Cannabis Patience Alliance, “The voice of medical marijuana patients” is addressing the “issue” of ensuring a safe Halloween for trick or treating in legalized marijuana states. Click here to wacth RX MaryJane’s video.

The Denver Police Department released a video (linked below) warning parents to beware of marijuana-infused edible candy in their child’s trick-or-treat bag. This story has now made it into the national news, even though there’s never been a case of anyone handing out marijuana edibles for Halloween. And yesterday I read in Westword how law enforcement in Nebraska are using this to scare parents in Omaha.

It’s unfortunate that by focusing on marijuana and continuing to paint marijuana consumers as criminals out to corrupt your children, DPD missed an opportunity to provide parents with real tips for a safer Halloween. So since they neglected to do their job, RX MaryJane did it for them. Please watch both videos with real information parents can use to keep their kids safe on All Hallows Eve. The Dever Police video, entitled “Halloween Marijuana Edibles Warning” can be viewed here.

Teri notes that there have never been any reports of children receiving cannabis infused candy. Ever*. She indicates that the Denver Police Department is disparaging marijuana consumers and perpetuating stereotypes such as “corrupt and criminal.”

Teri covers many important subjects in her video, starting with costumes. Always choose bright colors and ensure they are not too long, especially for little feet. Make sure each child is wearing comfortable shoes, no high heels on the little ones (teenagers, of course, are an entirely different subject, we, as cannabis moms, realize).

If possible, avoid masks; choose face paint instead. Use props that are soft and plastic (and don’t carry swords in Utah or toys guns in stores).

Lighting is also important and parents should ensure children can see and also be seen. Teri suggests adding reflective tape on costumes and arming kids with glow sticks or necklaces. Flashlights, of course, are also helpful and adults could also wear headlamps. Children should be reminded to not go to any houses that are not displaying exterior lights and watch for loose dogs.

Plan a route with the older children and make sure cell phones are charged. Teach basic street safety, such as looking both ways, avoid cutting through yards and across roads and utilizing crossing lights.

Every parent should also inspecting candy and discard any unopened or damaged items. Also watch for nuts in case of allergies as well as for any possible choking hazards such as hard-candy or pop-corn.

And last, but not least, if your kid does come home with an edible, confiscate it and send them to bed. You’ve been a good parent and deserve a treat!

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Photo Credit: PublicDomainPhotos under public domain via Pixabay