Colorado Health Department Suggests Edibles Ban to State Regulators

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Cannabis aficionados and marijuana business people in Colorado are often thought of as having won the battle by those not in the state. The truth is far less black and white. There is still opposition to cannabis legalization and strong support for re-introducing prohibition policies in some circles. In short, the political atmosphere in Colorado is not as relaxed on the topic as one would think after legalization took place.

Fresh on the heels of the Denver Police Department’s sad “reefer madness” warning about cannabis-infused candies being snuck into the stashes of unsuspecting trick-or-treaters, The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment suggested to state regulators that only hard candies (lonzanges) and tinctures be permitted on the shelves of dispensaries in Colorado.

Of course, banning the sale of marijuana-infused food products at dispensaries won’t stop anyone from making them at home, or trying to with possibly terrible results. Some in the state are lobbying instead to have edibles made distinct in appearance from mainstream food and snack products. Many in and out of the industry are skeptical as to whether visually distinct edibles will make a difference when it comes to accidental ingestion by minors.

Just like with alcohol-infused candies and baked goods, edibles have to be treated with respect and stored carefully if children are present. A ban on their sale in retail dispensaries would do nothing to stop people from making, buying, and enjoying these popular cannabis-infused food items. It is reassuring to note that the proposal was rejected soundly and abandoned by the Health Department by the end of the meeting on Monday, October 20th, 2014. Even the Governor’s office indicated they would not support such a ban.

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Photo Credit: By Adam Zivner (CC-BY-SA-3.0) via Wikimedia Commons