Tired of Reading About it? Watch it: “Marijuana in Oregon: Measure 91 (Part I)”

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November is practically upon us and Measure 91 is set to potentially legalize adult recreational use in Oregon. Producer Nic Adenau and co-producer/host Shanti Mooney took the time to create an informative documentary on Measure 91 that won’t put you to sleep entitled Marijuana in Oregon: Measure 91. Part II of IV was just released; check it out here. Part II can be viewed here.

I was lucky enough to snag an interview with creator & producer Nic Adenau to talk vision. Adenau’s past projects included a year spent with grammy-winning musicians Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. Politics can be mind-numbing and I was excited to see a fellow creative use his talents to reach (and educate) people in a visual way.

LB: Why create a documentary outlining Measure 91?

Nic Adenau: “People are still surprised that marijuana legalization was on the ballot. It’s been public since July, but a lot of people were really out of the loop. There was a huge lack of information to the general public. With that said, even die-hards within the OMMP community were sometimes completely wrong about Measure 91 (hence the rumor that OMA would no longer exist). We look to educate everybody outside AND inside the marijuana community.”

LB: Who is your target audience in particular?

Nic Adenau: “Well, I understand the importance of speaking to older generations, but I believe that the youth vote is pivitol to the success of 91. Our youth isn’t interested in politics, but in culture. If I can find a way to bridge that gap and increase incentive for younger people to get out there and get registered- that’s huge.”

LB: How do you think the aspect of “culture” (pertaining to cannabis) effects the success of 91?

Nic Adenau: “There is a huge culture around marijuana- and festivals barely scratch the surface. With culture, comes this huge demand that is estimated at marijuana being a billion dollar industry. Instead of prohibition, what do we as Oregonians want from legalization? How can we work together to come up with safe, responsible decisions that allow us to coexist with marijuana outside of the black market. Contrary to rumors, 91 will do wonders for the OMMP community because more research can be conducted around marijuana. Prohibition completely halts these efforts.”

LB: What is your main focus while filming this documentary?

Nic Adenau: “First and foremost, the war on drugs need to end. People are still being incarcerated for marijuana. Our goal was to display the facts on both sides. Let it be known, this documentary was not financed by either side- it was an outside group collaboration. The point is, marijuana exists and it’s not going away. One of the main components of legalization is about who makes the profit. Why not put more money into Oregon’s educational system, instead the hands of violent cartels?”

Part I

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