Remembering Jessica Roberts: Mother, Musician, Beautiful Soul

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Gifted musician, devoted mother, and passionate activist Jessica “Jess” Roberts has lost her battle with cervical cancer and the medical conditions her treatment for the cancer caused. The timing of her passing is particularly tragic, as her much-anticipated wedding to her beloved fiance was scheduled for this upcoming weekend.

The young West Virginia native was the lead singer in the local band “The Virgins” and never missed shows even when receiving chemotherapy treatments. Although she could easily have become self-obsessed and bitter, she focused her efforts to survive on her daughter, whom she loved desperately, and was always looking to the future, full of hope.

She was passionate about music and about being the best mother possible to her daughter Breannyn Grace, who inherited her mother’s musical gift. Breannyn can sing and play both the guitar and piano, and has previously performed on stage with her mother, Jess.

As a result of her cancer treatments, Jess developed radiation enteritis, a painful digestive condition which made it difficult and painful to eat. Jess lost weight rapidly. Despite the support of her mother, Rita Burnside, her fiance Brian Teets and her daughter, Breannyn, Jess’ condition overwhelmed her body. In a final act of selflessness, Jess left her body to science in the hopes that studying it may help those struggling with similar conditions in the future.

The thoughts, prayers, and love of the entire Ladybud family are with the Roberts, Teets and Burnside families today and in the upcoming weeks and months as they grieve the loss of such a brilliant soul. The love and life of Jessica Roberts will not be forgotten; they will continue to impact people for years to come.