Poem: This is How We Must Now Be Women

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Wear a skirt, wear some heels,
shine your face and hair.

show your legs
but please conceal
and never ever reveal
those secrets they would steal.

Grasp your hips
and breasts and knees,
nevermind the birds and bees,
and lock your heart up, if you please.

This is how
we must now
be women.

Give it all your best,
on top of it, well-dressed.
Smile and never let them see
the truth of your unrest.

Claim your moral politics,
claim your values, too.
Fight for them, your right to them,
behind bedroom doors, shut, too.

And underneath the sheets,
and in the passenger seat of his car,
remember now that asking nicely
has never gotten us far.

And this is how
we must now
be women.

Work around the system,
from within, inside.
Keep your methods to yourself
and keep safe guard of your pride.

They’ll take whatever is offered.
They will receive all that you give.
But when the night is over,
ensure you have enough left to live.

This is how
we must now
be women.

Photo Credit: Lightness57 under (CC BY-ND 3.0) via Deviantart

March 5, 2010