South Florida Sun Sentinel Backs Florida Medical Marijuana Law, Amendment 2

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Early next month, voters in Florida will get to decide whether the Sunshine State is ready to offer its citizens safe, legal access to medical marijuana. Amendment 2 has a well-organized opposition, the No on 2 campaign, which has been warning about medibles marketed to kids and marijuana cookies being used as tools for date rape.

Perhaps to counter the increasingly hysterical tone of the opposition camp, the South Florida Sun Sentinel has officially weighed in on this hot topic, and they threw their support behind Amendment 2 and medical marijuana law reform by publishing an Op/Ed piece by the Sun Sentinel Editorial Board entitled “Medical marijuana deserves support” yesterday.

The article openly admits that there are plenty of issues and possible loopholes in the law as it is written, but it also points out that voters and lawmakers in the state can move to clarify the law and prevent wholesale abuse of the program. Don’t let that acknowledgement fool you; this is no lukewarm endorsement. It is a plea bordering on demand that the readers of the paper vote in support of medical marijuana.

Florida Senate President Don Gaetz, has famously admitted he bought marijuana for a friend in pain in the 1980s. He bought it for a Methodist minister dying of cancer, when nothing else worked.

Think about that minister when you go to vote. Think about the up to 400,000 people the Florida Department of Health reports might benefit from treatment with medical marijuana. Think about the 783,000 registered voters who signed a petition to get Amendment 2 on the ballot — and the sick people they love.

Those are powerful words, one that readers will hopefully consider carefully. Here’s hoping that the voters of Florida value compassion above fear-mongering and legislating morality.

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Photo Credit: Rachel Kramer under (CC BY 2.0) via Flickr