Massive Climate Protests in New York: World Leaders Need to “Go Green”

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September 19th, 2014 saw the largest climate-related protest ever occur in New York City. Organized largely by, an environmental action non-profit, The People’s Climate March was touted by organizers as “the world’s largest climate protest.” The event drew an estimated 400,000 people to New York, though that estimate is rough, at best. The march was organized to draw attention to climate change and the need for immediate action on the part of world leaders, including the United Nations.

The following week, on September 22nd, Occupy Wall Street. organized a climate protest as well, calling it #FloodWallStreet. Flood Wall Street had a focus on the many ways capitalism is damaging to the environment and saw an estimated turnout of 3,000, including folks in costumes and complete with artistic props (some of which were destroyed by police during the crackdown on protestors). Roughly 100 protestors were arrested, including one dressed as a polar bear and one dressed as Uncle Sam.

While the mainstream media seems to have already forgotten these protests, their turnout indicates that environmental action is a top priority for a lot of global citizens. With persistence and dedication, in time there may be enough social pressure on world leaders to actually force action on climate change. Ladybud encourages all of its readers to do what they can in their day-to-day lives to help offset their personal contributions to climate change.

You can add your name to the letter demanding climate action which has already been delivered to the UN as a symbolic gesture. It is still being signed by people all around the world. Click here to add your name! You can also follow the People’s Climate March on Facebook for updates.

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