Unpublished Letter to the Editor of the Boston Globe: Why Ignore the Freedom Rally?

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Editor’s note: We are publishing this letter anonymously at the request of the author, who submits content regularly to Ladybud. It was submitted to The Boston Globe and was not published.

Reefer Madness Lives

The Boston’s Globe’s only reference to MassCann/NORML’s 25th annual Boston Freedom Rally was a picture of a religious fanatic who has nothing to do with the marijuana reform movement. The Rally wasn’t just about people getting stoned, although there were thousands of cannabis consumers peacefully turning Reefer Madness into Reefer Gladness.

This is about the hundreds of thousands of Americans whose lives are ruined each year by getting arrested for merely possessing marijuana. This is about the millions of Americans without access to this incredibly safe and effective natural medicine. This is about the billions of dollars that could be made growing environmentally friendly and nutritious industrial hemp.

The sin of omission is real, and The Boston Globe’s ongoing reluctance to acknowledge the devastation caused by cannabis prohibition is sad and pathetic. This issue is not going away and we are not going away, so I implore you to fairly report on prohibition.

cann handsName withheld upon request because, thanks to The Boston Globe perpetuating the stigma of Reefer Madness, I can not come out of the “cannabis closet” for fear of losing my job.

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Photo Credit: Anonymous, Dr Dustin Sulak at the 2014 Boston Freedom Rally