Operation Grow4Vets Gives out $60,000 in Cannabis, More to Come

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Operation Grow4Vets, the amazing non-profit dedicated to providing veterans with PTSD and dibilitating conditions free medical marijuana, gave away $60,000 worth of cannabis and cannabis products, as well as giving away about $2,000 in prizes and helping veterans get their medical mariuana tested for free. The event was large enough that even mainstream media in other states has begun paying attention.

More than just a giveaway, the event sponsored by 3D Cannabis Club and Incredibles was put together in part to draw attention to the newest program that Operation Grow4Vets is launching: the Save 1,000 Vets Project. It is designed to provide 1,000 veterans with a free monthly supply of safe cannabis products. Veterans with medical conditions can apply at the Grow4Vets website. Those interested in donating to support the program can also do so at the Grow4Vets website.

There will be another major event this upcoming Saturday at the Doubletree Hotel in Colorado Springs. Admission is $20 and free for veterans. No minors will be allowed to enter, and state-issued ID must be presented.

Non-veterans who want to score freebies need to register by Thursday the 25th to receive $150 worth of free cannabis products. Supplies for non-veterans are limited, so early registration is recommended.

You can follow Operation Grow4Vets on Facebook here. You can follow 3D Cannabis Club, one of the major supporters of Operation Grow4Vets, on Facebook here.

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Photo Credit: The National Guard under (CC BY 2.0) via Flickr