British Grandma Accidentally Grows Weed, Cops Respond Reasonably

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A British grandmother named Patricia Hewitson, from Exmouth (located in East Devon, England), needed some help identifying a pioneer plant, commonly called a weed, in her garden. So, like many people would, she called for an expert’s opinion.

On Sunday afternoon, after unsuccessfully asking her Facebook friends to help her identify the five-foot tall plant in her garden, Patricia Hewiston called the Potting Shed, a local BBC radio show that focuses on all things horticultural. She also sent in the featured image above of the large plant, which had leaves as big as her hands. It took the experts very little time to identify the plant as a cannabis plant, to which Patricia responded, “Oh, dear.

The plant reportedly came up in July and shortly thereafter began giving off a strong odor. Patricia has said in interviews since that she had a suspicion it was cannabis, but was repeatedly told by others that it was not. Experts have advised the seed likely came from the family bird feeder, as bird food sometimes contains hemp seeds.

In a positive turn of events, although The Potting Shed interview resulted in the police being contacted, the local law enforcement quickly established that Patricia, while technically breaking the law, was acting in good faith. She and her husband complied with law enforcement requests to pull up and destroy the plant, but not before photographing it, of course. Now the cannabis plant is slowly moudlering in the garden’s compost pile.

Kudos to the law enforcement officials who acted with compassion and discretion in this incident. May they serve as an inspiration to police everywhere.

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