Denver Plays Host To Groundbreaking 2014 Marijuana for Medical Professionals Conference

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The 2014 Marijuana for Medical Professionals Conference was a groundbreaking event aimed at educating doctors on how to really use cannabis as medicine. Most doctors are currently unable to answer concerns from their patients about how to use medicinal cannabis, including questions related to dosing, THC:CBD ratios, and administration routes.

Thankfully, the event effectively informed hundreds of doctors about these issues, and conveyed the real potential of cannabis as a first line medicine for a variety of diseases.

Day One

The first day’s highlight was Professor Raphael Mechoulam, who famously discovered THC in 1964 in Israel. His presentation (via Skype) was remarkably informative and discussed cannabinoids as possible major drugs, for conditions ranging from diabetes to brain traumas.

Many therapeutic effects stem from the interaction of cannabinoids with DNA, in addition to systemic antioxidant and neuroprotective properties.

Dr. Mechoulam was thoughtfully preceded by Laura Borgelt, a pharmacist who extensively analyzed drug interactions of cannabinoids along with mechanisms of cannabinoid pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics. The two of them alone effectively demonstrated what cannabis can do and the overall theories of how it works in the body.

Robin Hackett of BotanaCare provided remarkably detailed and practical information on dispensary implementation of cannabis treatment plans. Given the event’s focus on helping doctors treat patients more effectively, this information was especially useful.

Day Two

The second day opened with Jerry Chesler, an Arizona attorney who discussed legal issues surrounding cannabis. Interestingly, he also addressed scientific aspects including the role of terpenes and the extraordinary benefits of CBD. He also mentioned how across the country he’s hearing of children sent home to die who are becoming cancer free with cannabis extracts. “I know it’s anecdotal, but when parents are telling me this I tend to believe them,” said Chesler.

Many patients turn to cannabis as a last resort, but it more often should be considered as a first line medicine.

The preceding text was written by Justin Kander. See the full-length original article including Day 3 at: Illegally Healed.

To see the full list of speakers & the conference agenda, please go to the 2014 Marijuana for Medical Professionals Conference Site.