INFOGRAPHIC: Legalized Marijuana and Its Impact on Colorado and Washington

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Did you know that recreational cannabis consumers in the state of Colorado consume about 784 pounds of marijuana a day? Or that estimates indicate as much as 90% of retail sales of recreational marijuana in the rural parts of the state of Colorado involve someone from out of state? That means that 90% of retail marijuana sales in rural communities in Colorado (and 44% in metro areas) represent revenue from out of the state that is pouring into Colorado, thanks to the legalization of marijuana in the state.

While there is substantially less information about Washington, whose legal recreational marijuana dispensaries only began operating two months ago, the infographic below, created by the team at InfoGraphicWorld, is a great primer or visual introduction to the benefits and community impart of cannabis legalization.




The original post can be viewed here. Here’s hoping that this infographic will require updating in a few months, after Oregon and Alaska vote on legalization measures this November.


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Photo Credit: by permission