Declaration of Hempdependence: Speech from the Boston Freedom Rally

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I want to thank MassCann/NORML for organizing the Boston Freedom Rally for the last 25 years.  Thank you for coming out today.  We are turning Reefer Madness into Reefer Gladness!

We’re in Boston, the birthplace of the American Revolution, a war fought for freedom.  There’s another war going on and it’s the war on drugs.  Prohibition is a racist policy that has decimated our inner cities and communities of color.  Fighting prohibition is our revolution.

Mickey Martin of the Northeastern Institute of Cannabis moderating the Political Panel at the 2014 Boston Freedom Rally

Mickey Martin of the Northeastern Institute of Cannabis moderating the Political Panel at the 2014 Boston Freedom Rally

Just as our forefathers risked everything fighting for their freedom, cannabis consumers risk getting fired, losing custody of their children or getting arrested.  If we truly want freedom, we must stand up to the tyranny of prohibition.  They’ll do everything they can to stop us but we have to be peaceful revolutionaries.  We must fight back with kindness, caring and compassion.

This is a social revolution.  We need to stop arresting people for pot!  Release all non-violent prisoners and clear their records.  One way to help is to support 420-friendly politicians like Maine State Representative Diane Russell or run for office yourself. You can be an evolutionary revolutionary!

This is also an economic revolution.  We will legalize it in Massachusetts in 2016.  Yes!  Then we’re really going to see some changes.  If you ever wanted to get in on the ground floor of anything, this is it.  You’ve heard of the Dot.Com era, right?  Well, this is the Dot.Bong era and it’s going to blow that away.  The Cannabis Hemp industry is expanding exponentially, so explore your options and start a new career!

Knowledge is our best weapon and that’s where the Cannabis Curriculum comes in.  Educate yourself and educate others.

Our government lies about medical marijuana.  It’s what I call a Catch-422.  Our government says that marijuana has no medical properties even though it’s been proven to work for pain, nausea, epilepsy and many, many other ailments.  Their circular logic is really jerking patients around.

Boston is a world leader in medical research.  So I challenge you; if you work at a hospital or a university, I want you to study medical marijuana and show people how safe and effective it really is.  That’s the Cannabis Curriculum in action!

Industrial hemp is woven into the fabric of American History.  Go over to Charlestown and visit the USS Constitution, the oldest commissioned warship in the US Navy.  They used over 60 tons of hemp rope on Old Ironsides.  They made hemp rope all around Boston including where the Public Garden is.  We need people to document hemp’s incredible history.  That’s what the Cannabis Curriculum is all about.

This is an environmental revolution and hemp is a concrete solution to humanity’s pollution.  You can build a house out of hemp.  You can make fuel out of hemp and even biodegradable plastic. It’s amazing!  Hemp is the green buffalo.  Native Americans used the entire buffalo to survive: hair, snoot, balls and all.   And you can use the entire cannabis plant to make so many essential products.  I’m covered with hemp today from hurd to tow.  This speech is printed on tree-free hemp paper!

This morning I washed up with Dr. Bronner’s hemp soap and I had a big glass of delicious chocolate hemp milk with breakfast!  Hemp is the new superfood!  It’s choc full of protein and essential fatty acids.  And guess what?  There are no known allergies to hemp foods.  Why is that?  I don’t know, but I need your help find out.  It’s all part of, that’s right, the Cannabis Curriculum!

This is our declaration of hempdependence:  We hold these truths to be self-evident: that we are all equal and we have been endowed with a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of hempiness.  I don’t want to be up here preaching to the choir. I want to preach to the preachers!  I want you to come out of the Cannabis Closet and let everyone know how great cannabis hemp is and how truly devastating prohibition is!  Be like Paul Revere and let everyone know:  The Cannabis is coming!  The Cannabis is coming!

The preceding text was a speech given at the 25th Boston Freedom Rally. To watch a video of the speech, click here.

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Photo Credit: John Dvorak