Internet Slowdown Today to Encourage Net Neutrality Protections

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Bandwidth hogs, beware! Today you may have appear to have some issue on your favorite websites, but it’s not because of bad weather or a larger-than-normal amount of people logging on. Any lag or buffering you encounter will likely be part of an intentional internet slowdown, meant to bring attention to the critical issue of net neutrality.

Websites from Reddit to tumblr to Google itself will be intentionally throttling their customer’s web access to bring attention to the fact that such practices may become commonplace without net neutrality laws being enacted.

So if you end up dealing with the dreaded buffer circle in Netflix, it’s meant to be a wake-up call: services like Netflix can not exist on a web without neutrality. If internet providers are allowed to charge a premium for fast lane access, that will effectively lock large demographics out of free, equal utilization of the internet.

The hope is that by bringing public attention to the issue, more citizens will get involved, contact the FCC, and demand that the internet remain neutral for all users.


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