Recipe: Spicy Corn Salmon Patties

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This recipe comes from our friend Dana at The Daily Moderation. It is a quick, delicious and savory recipe that anyone can make in minutes and will still translate well with substitutions in case that is necessary. Enjoy!


Drain the liquid from the salmon can.

Break up the salmon in a large bowl.

Add corn. (I like the Mexicorn because it has small diced red and green pepper mixed in.)

Bread crumbs:  You can use Ritz crackers, saltines, regular breadcrumbs.  I love panko for the extra crunch and texture. And this happened to be Italian flavor.  Why not?

Add an egg.

Black pepper.

Garlic powder.

Kosher salt.
Red pepper flakes.

Dig in and start mixing!

These turned out nice and thick since I only made four patties.  Divide up and shape into nice round patties.

Place them 1/4 cup hot oil in a pan and cover for about 3-5 minutes then flip.  Repeat.

Don’t forget the sour cream. Or Plain Greek non-fat yogurt if you want to be healthy and all.