Support New Approach Oregon’s Legalization Fundraiser!

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New Approach Oregon is pushing forward with their eyes on the prize: legalization in the state of Oregon via a ballot initiative that voters will get to decide on this November. New Approach Oregon is backing Oregon Initiative 91, a proposal which would legalize cannabis use for all adults in the state of Oregon.

In a perfect world, this law would pass without any issue, but in the real world, it takes huge amounts of money to bring an Initiative to a vote and ensure the voting public is adequately educated about the proposed law. Those who are out of state who would like to help can donate to the Oregon campaign by clicking here.

For those of you in the state, you can volunteer your time to help with the campaign. You can also attend one heck of a fundraiser!

On Saturday, September 13th, 2014, New Approach Oregon will be hosting a fundraiser at Plew’s Brews in Portland Oregon. It kicks off at 6PM and will feature live music from Get Down Jones, plenty of beers, possibly some civil disobedience, and a silent auction that will run until 10 PM. Oregon NORML and Parents 4 Pot Oregon will be in attendance, signing up new members and answering questions about their organizations.

Our very own founder and Editor-in-Chief, Diane Fornbacher, will be attending this fundraiser, as she will be in town for the International Cannabis Business Conference, where she will be speaking. The New Approach Oregon fundraiser is a great chance for those who want to rub elbows with our editor but can’t afford the admission for the ICBC!


You can RSVP and see updates for the fundraiser here. You can also follow New Approach Oregon on Facebook here or visit their website here.