Israel is Allowing Soldiers to Use Medical Cannabis While In Service

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According to an Israeli cannabis Blog, it appears that the Israel Defense Force has made an official statement regarding the certified use of medical cannabis by Israeli citizens during their active military duty. Specifically, the site is claiming that the IDF has publicly announced that being prescribed cannabis and continuing to use cannabis while actively part of the IDF is not in itself grounds for medical ineligibility for the mandated service.

That means that Israeli soldiers can reportedly now use cannabis while they are soldiers, even on active duty and while living on base. They are simply  expected to adhere to the regulations for medical cannabis users, use the cannabis in private, and not share with others. However, it was underscored that only those with existing permissions acknowledged by the IDF are permitted to use cannabis and that many medical cannabis users are not medically fit for IDF service due to the severity of their qualifying condition.

If this story is accurate, it represents a massive stride forward in cannabis policy, though Israel does have a reputation for being relatively liberal on cannabis issues when compared with other countries.

Mainstream English new sources out of Israel are not confirming this story yet. The only cannabis-related headline making news today is the discovery of a bomb shelter turned illegal grow operation and gambling center by a canine unit in Moshav on Thursday.

Ladybud will continue to monitor this story and confirm it if has been verified by mainstream news outlets or debunked as more information becomes available.


UPDATE 9/24/2014: According to The Times of Israel, the military has confirmed this policy.

Photo Credit: Israel Defense forces under (CC BY 2.0) via Flickr