Love to our Lady-Lefties: International Left Handers Day

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Are you tired of feeling left out because of which of your hands is dominant? Well, today’s a day all about Southpaws!¬†Today, August 13th, is International Left Handed Day, also called Left Handers Day. It’s a holiday meant to both draw attention to the innate neurological differences that contribute to hand dominance and the ways hand dominance impacts daily life.

Ladybud Magazine wants to give a shout-out to all of our readers who are, in fact, left hand dominant. The whole world, from steering wheel setups to scissors, is built in a way that doesn’t quite work optimally for you guys, and right-handed people are often very blind to our privilege.

If you want to proudly declare your left-handedness, you can check out some of the posters and ideas at the Left Handers Day site.  Their free goodies include avatars/user pictures for social media that celebrate left handedness. There are even instructions for the creation of a special Lefty Zone for your celebration!

A Lefty Zone is something everyone should experience, especially those who are right hand dominant. In these special spaces, everything is meant to used with left hands. Have people try using a microwave or a can opener with their left hand. It will give them a better idea of what it is like living in a world built for people who use the other hand dominants.

If you have time, send a shout-out on social media to all the lovely left handers you know today using the hashtag #lefthandersday. You can also like the group responsible for the annual celebration on Facebook.


Happy Left Handers Day everyone!


Photo Credit: Left Handers Day official site