Ask the Bureau of Land Management to Protect Wild Wolves in Idaho

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Wolves, like cannabis users, have a very undeserved negative cultural reputation. Despite mountains of evidence to the contrary, people still think of wolves as they’ve been portrayed in Hollywood movies (the wildlife equivalent of Cheech and Chong). They get blamed for all kinds of issues (such as stolen or murdered farm animals) and are punished disproportionately (ie hunted and killed for simply eating), especially when one considers the damage done by simple racoons in a henhouse.

Now an organization in Idaho is asking for a multi-year permit to conduct a massive predator hunt on public lands. That would mean that even on lands where wolves and other predators are supposed to be protected, they will be hunted for sport. Even worse? $400,000 worth of taxpayer funds will be wasted on this program that allows rich, bored folks to kill wolves from helicopters and via neck snare, among others.

The goal of this program and the annual derby wolf and predator hunts? To drop the wolf population in the state to as low as 150 animals. This will not a sustainable population!Defenders of Wildlife, rated by Reader’s Digest as the best domestic wildlife charity, is asking citizens to stand up and be the voice of these animals.

You can take action to help speak out for wolves by signing the petition by the Defenders of Wildlife to ask the BLM to protect wild wolves here. You can also follow the Defenders of Wildlife on Facebook for updates on this and other important wildlife conservation efforts.

Photo Credit: Tambako the Janguar underĀ (CC BY-ND 2.0) via Flickr