Students for Sensible Drug Policy Forum Upcoming

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Students for Sensible Drug Policy will be holding their 2014 Drug Policy Conference + Lobby Day in Arlington, Virginia. The Conference will run from Friday, September 26 through Monday, September 29th and will be open to all cannabis reform supporters, regardless of whether or not they are currently students!

Registration can be done online here ( Tickets are $75 for current students, $120 for graduates who were previously part of Students for Sensible Drug Policy, and $180 for non-students. This is an excellent chance to network with some of the most passionate, up-and-coming student activists who are working to end prohibition and change social perception of cannabis and other prohibited substances.

This year’s Conference will feature Lobby Day, when members lobby lawmakers about SSDP policy issues, educational programming such as lectures and panels by keynote speakers discussing harm reduction, leadership, organization, and future policy, an Awards ceremony for members of SSDP, during which the most outstanding members will be recognized for their efforts, a dance party, a job fair featuring drug reform organizations and marijuana-related businesses that are currently expanding their staff and looking for passionate, educated new employees, and a Student Congress for SSDP, where student board members will be elected for the upcoming year.

The Students for Sensible Drug Policy 2014 Drug Policy Conference + Lobby Day will be held at the Arlington, Virginia Holiday Inn. You can follow Students for Sensible Drug Policy on Facebook by clicking here. You can also RSVP for the Drug Policy Conference here, or share the event with your network to help spread the word!

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