Operation Grow4Vets: Crowdsourcing Compassion for Military Veterans

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It seems like there’s a crowdfunding project for just about everything these days. Here’s one you probably haven’t seen before: an effort to provide disabled veterans with free cannabis and cannabis-infused food products, also called medibles.

That’s right; a non-profit organization working out of Colorado is raising funds to ensure they can provide veterans with the best treatment option for PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).

Grow4Vets is trying to expand their operation and ensure they can continue to provide at-risk veterans with safe, free access to a medicine many believe to be the best treatment for PTSD.

Why does that matter? Because a veteran commits suicide in this country almost once every hour. There are, on average, 22 suicides by veterans every single day across this nation. Access to cannabis has been linked to lower rates of suicide in male populations specifically. Supporting Operation Grow4Vets is one way for civilians to help combat the unnecessary deaths of our combat veterans.

Being a backer definitely comes with perks. In addition to the knowledge that you’ve helped someone who has given their health in service to the armed forces, donations of $25 or more come with excellent backer rewards: from a pledge certificate to water bottles and even t-shirts!

You can support this amazing organization by heading over to Indiegogo and tossing a few dollars their way. Their campaign can be found here. You can also follow them on Facebook for regular updates on their campaign and their outreach efforts.


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