Uruguay Looking for Cannabis Growers for Legal Marijuana Program

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When the United States government is pathetically failing in attempts to justify its decades old war on cannabis, a country to the south is hard at work on nationalized legalization. In fact, the government in Uruguay is looking to sign up a few good pot growers!

Although it now appears that rollout of the legal Uruguay cannabis program won’t happen until 2015, they are still marching toward social justice at a much faster pace than the United States. When the delay in the establishment of the legal cannabis market in Uruguay was announced, the political prohibition pushers began predicting that the program was about to go “up in smoke,” but it looks like they were wrong.

While the delay and some of the more strident requirements of the law may be straining some citizen’s patience and support, many remain optimistic that the pioneering program will be implemented in the near future. The government in Uruguay is certainly moving ahead with plans to roll out the program; this last Friday they announced that they are opening bidding on plots of land for cannabis growers.

The newly formed department charged with creating and regulating the national cannabis market in Uruguay,  the Institute for the Regulation and Control of Cannabis (IRCCA), is accepting bids from cannabis cultivators until August 18th. Once bidding is closed, plots will be assigned to up to five different growers, and the growers will get to work on producing up to two tons of cannabis per year.

Some people are still skeptical that the highly-regulated model proposed for the country will work. State-approved cannabis is supposed to have 15% THC. Users will be able to buy it at pharmacies, once they register with the state. They will be allowed to purchase up to 40 grams every month, at roughly $1USD per gram, and they are also allowed to grow up to six plants themselves for personal use annually.

What do you think of the program in Uruguay and its rollout? Would you buy cannabis at a pharmacy for $1 per gram?  Sound off in the comments below!


Photo Credit: Jrballe under (CC BY 3.0 US) via Wikimedia Commons