Utah Children’s Hospital Looking for Subjects for Epilepsy/CBD Study

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Primary Children’s Medical Center overlooks the entire Salt Lake Valley and is renowned for exceeding expectations in a variety of treatments for sick kids from throughout the Intermountain West.    Administered by dedicated employees through Intermountain Healthcare and next door to the award winning University of Utah Medical Center, Primary Children’s treats a wide range diseases and/or conditions, with a staggering list of offered pediatric specialties.

Children aged 2-17 in the region are currently being sought for an important study through the Epilepsy Program.  The program is not a part of the Utah “Hemp Extract” program, enacted July 1st.  That program requires a $400 registration fee in addition to other requirements and likely placement on a waiting list for a High CBD/Low THC cannabis oil extract.

Children currently participating in the Utah “Hemp Extract” program may be ineligible to participate in study at Primary  Children’s Medical Center.

This program is recruiting a total of 25 children with intractable epilepsy, age 2-17.  The cannabis extract study, led by Neurologist Francis Filloux, has yet to be assigned a start date, pending approval from the United States Drug Enforcement Agency.

The study would be an “open-label” observation trial.  Each participant would receive “Epidiolex,” a liquid and purified form of cannabidiol (CBD) which is a non-psychoactive component of cannabis and manufactured by GW Pharmaceuticals, a British drug maker.

It is certainly exciting, as a lifelong Utahan and cannabis advocate, to see this type of research coming to Salt Lake City, and we certainly hope many more people will soon be considered for such studies and move toward whole plant cannabis reform.  It is with great hope we will continue to provide education to Utah lawmakers to prove to them that epilepsy is one of hundreds of diseases/conditions which respond positively to cannabis treatment.

Photo Credit: Pasteur under  (CC BY-SA 3.0) via Wikimedia Commons