Los Angeles Shuts Down First Area Cannabis Farmers Market

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Much like others that have come before it, the Los Angeles Cannabis Farmers Market, also known as the California Heritage Market is already  being shut down by the municipality in which it was operating. The recently opened market, which first allowed patrons to come in and browse cannabis farmers’ wares on 4th of July weekend this year, has already been targeted by Los Angeles area prohibitionists as an example of everything wrong with America.

This week Tuesday, Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer told local radio station 89.3 KPCC that he was going to obtain a restraining order against the newly opened market, allegedly that it violates a land usage law passed in 2013. Feuer is quoted as saying:

It also fails, we allege, to comply with basic city land use laws. And they couldn’t get a permit if they tried. So for many reasons — from the violation of Prop D to the impact on the community to the failure to comply with city land use law — we allege that this isn’t a use that should be allowed to continue and we’re going to seek a court order to put a halt to it.

And that’s exactly what he did. A judge issued a temporary restraining order on Tuesday, and the market has been ordered to close until a hearing on August 6th. Feuer claims the business model violates the law because there are no provisions that allow for multiple vendors selling product at the same location.

Sadly, absolute literalism on the part of law enforcement and state/local officials is one of the final prohibitionist tactics that still works. In many places, there seems to be an attitude that only activities involving cannabis that are made explicitly legal in the text of a medical cannabis or recreational cannabis law are actually legal.


State level legalization groups have had to fight to have wording clarified. They’ve had to fight to have dispensaries/retail cannabis shops. They’ve had to fight against restrictive plant and weight limits. They’ve had to battle fiercely for the right to consume cannabis in edible and concentrated forms, in some cases. In this case, if people truly want a farmers market for cannabis in Los Angeles, they are going to have to show their support for the idea.

Ironically, although there are only 134 dispensaries legally allowed in the city of Los Angeles and dozens if not hundreds operating illegally, West Coast Collective (the company running the California Heritage Market) is listed as one of the legal dispensaries allowed to operate.


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Photo Credit: BrianLiao under (CC BY 2.0)  via Wikimedia Commons