First Recreational Cannabis Customer in Washington Loses Job

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Earlier this week, the weed world rejoiced when news broke that the state of Washington had issued licenses to businesses intending to run retail recreational cannabis dispensaries. The first stores opened bright and early Tuesday, July 8th, 2014. Although there has been a lot of reporting about a shortage of recreational cannabis (with the first harvest totaling an estimated 440 pounds), customers were still ready and willing to line up to be a part of this historic first day of retail sales in Washington.

Michael Kelly Boyer made the news on Tuesday when he was the first person in the state of Washington to purchase cannabis recreationally at Spokane Green Leaf, one of three Spokane dispensaries to get a license (and the only one open on Tuesday).  Boyer reportedly started camping out at 7 PM the night before, and called himself a “sativa hunter.” He was the first to get to pick out up to four grams from the two Kush strains available at the shop on Tuesday for $25 per gram.

He’s back in the news today, because he’s claiming that his tie-dyed news appearance cost him his job. He’s a security guard by trade, and he’s saying one of his employers is demanding he pass a drug test today or face termination.

In a post to Craigslist, a free online classifieds website, Boyer wrote “I lost my job due to the news coverage of me being the FIRST PERSON TO BUY MARIJUANA LEGALLY IN SPOKANE! I regret nothing. But now im jobless and have decided to post my resume here. Thanks for reviewing it.”

The report by his local television station indicates that one of his employers claims he is still employed, while the other (the one he is claiming is requesting the drug test) has not officially responded.

This just goes to show that the war isn’t really over yet, even in states were recreational and medical cannabis have been legalized. His employer couldn’t test him the next day for alcohol consumption at home; why is it permissible to test for something else legal he did on his own time?


Photo Credit:  Art by Olaf E. Caskin, photo by Jmabel under  Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons