Study: Marijuana Can Be Responsibly Used By Adults Recreationally at a Doobie Brothers Concert

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June 23rd was a special night in The Garden State as there was an uncoordinated experiment to see if marijuana could be responsibly used by adults recreationally at a Doobie Brothers Concert.  Trying to stick to strict scientific method, both smoking and control groups were evenly dispersed across the lawn of PNC Arts Center as the Doobies played.  I know this because as the winds shifted, I smelled the sweet smell of sinsemilla coming from every direction (or maybe it was Kentucky Bluegrass).  

Our hypothesis was that, yes, marijuana could, in fact, be responsibly used by adults recreationally at a Doobie Brothers Concert.  As the Peace Pipe passed, some of the study participants who intended to be in the control group decided to experiment and partake before Peter freakin’ Frampton came on (did I mention that it was a double bill?).  Nonetheless, the experiment continued, and a good time was had by all as we danced barefoot, raised the spirits, and discovered that the only thing cooler than seeing Frampton come alive is saying that you have seen Peter freakin’Frampton come alive.  As everybody had designated drivers, we all got home safely and the experiment was deemed to be a resounding success.  

It is our conclusion that, yesmarijuana may be responsibly used by adults recreationally at a Doobie Brothers Concert and as well, to our pleasant surprise, at a Frampton Concert.  We do not have enough data to say definitively whether marijuana could be enjoyed responsibly by adults recreationally at a Chicago concert with REO Speedwagon, but apparently there will be a good opportunity to collect such data and draw a conclusion on Saturday, August 16.

Hard scientific data is difficult to come by in the Cannabis Culture, but as we are all educated adults, we are fully capable of supplying our own.  We science geeks here in New Jersey are interested if you find similar results in your home states about the many different ways that marijuana may be enjoyed responsibly.  I would like to put a working group together to see if marijuana may be used responsibly by adult partners before consensual sex.  Does anybody have any research data?  Has anybody presented any research data on whether premariatal gay sex can be enhanced by marijuana use?  That would really drive the prohibitionists crazy.

Photo Credit: By Warner/Reprise Records [Public domain] via Wikimedia Commons