LA’s Cannabis Farmer’s Market Now Open

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Many of Ladybud‘s regular readers probably enjoy visiting their area farmers market. Savvy folks understand that buying fresh, local produce from local farmers is going to get them the most nutritional bang for their buck. Now, shoppers in Los Angeles, (specifically the Boyle Heights neighborhood) will be able to visit an area first: a marijuana farmers market.

The market has been receiving a lot of media attention. In fact, it’s being touted by some as a world first, despite there having been similar markets in other states previously. The LA Cannabis farmers market is reportedly off to an amazing start after opening for business over the Fourth of July weekend.

If you’ve never been to a farmers market, the implications business the model could have for a cannabis consumer are staggering. All the farmers line up at stalls with their wares displayed, and you as the consumer get to smell, view, price, and compare all the various options. In terms of cannabis purchasing, this means not only will you have the ability to speak with the grower directly, something that is rarely an option at a medical cannabis dispensary, you can ask them questions about how the cannabis is grown and what strains they recommend for your particular condition and compare their flower with that of similarly priced competitors.

The market space for the California Heritage Market is reportedly large, open, and not nearly big enough to accommodate all the enthusiastic tokers who were lined up this last weekend for the inaugural sales day at the market. Before you jump on a plane for sunny California, however, you should be aware that only those with a legal California state medical marijuana recommendation can enter the facility (and the same goes for those who want to purchase cannabis there).

Some naysayers have complained that this concept “ruins farmers markets,” but that complaint couldn’t be further from the truth. A farmers market is not some family-oriented fun place where you go on weekends with your cloth bag to feel hip and environmentally active; it is an active workplace and marketplace where consumers can interact directly with the producer of a natural good. That’s it. Cannabis, being a high-value, expensive, and highly competitive cash crop, is a perfect fit for a farmers market model. And this cannabis farmers market isn’t letting in minors anyway.

If the first weekend’s turnout is any indication, it appears that the California Heritage Market will soon be a mainstay of Los Angeles (at least for cannabis connoisseurs). Their success will hopefully inspire others to follow suit in states where such a market is a legal option.

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Photo Credit: Wholtone (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 ], via Wikimedia Commons