Marijuana Food Truck Appears in Washington at Farmer’s Market

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The marijuana food truck that took Denver by storm at the 4/20 Cannabis Cup is getting ready for full-time launch in Washington. Although they weren’t  giving away their savory, cannabis-infused treats like they were in April, they were offering delicious, infused sandwiches and soups for medical marijuana card holders this last weekend.

If you’re wondering why they’re only selling their medibles to medical cannabis patients, there’s a simple bureaucratic reason: the recreational cannabis storefront program rollout has taken a very long time. People in the media are shrieking about an upcoming cannabis shortage in Washington State, due to the low number of growing and retail permits issued in the state.

There have reportedly been only less than one hundred recreational cannabis cultivation licenses issues, and the state will finally begin issuing retail licenses next week. Those stores will be selling cannabis at high prices (substantially more per gram than medical cannabis prices in the state), probably upwards of $25/gram according to most estimates. And as far as recreational medibles are concerned, there have not yet  been any kitchens licensed for their production.

Still, that isn’t stopping the “Samich” (Savory Accessible Marijuana Infused Culinary Happiness), run by the company that makes MagicalButter extractors. Although being restricted to medical cannabis patients is limiting, that issue is surely only temporary as the state rolls out its recreational cannabis program.

Their range of sandwiches and savory treats is sure to inspire others across the state to try their hand at a similar business model. Cannabis enthusiasts and foodies alike can start getting excited now at the infinite new culinary possibilities this concept represents.

Photo Credit: James Willamor under (CC BY-SA 2.0) via Flickr