Pennsylvania One Step Closer to Legal Medical Marijuana

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Big news out of Pennsylvania today! The Senate Committee considering a medical marijuana law for the state has cleared the bill, which has been in the working since January 15th of this year.

The Senate Law and Justice Committee “reported out” Senate Bill 1182, also known as the Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Act unanimously. That means that the bill received bipartisan support.

The pair spoke optimistically about the level of support the bill is receiving within the senate. The state House has similarly high levels of support the related bill being considered in the House, House Bill 2182. The bill has dozens of bipartisan co-sponsors. This level of support reflects polls in the state of Pennsylvania which indicate there is an overwhelming level of support for medical marijuana/medical cannabis legalization.

Unfortunately, the Governor has promised to veto the bill if it makes it to his desk. The Senate sponsors, however, are confident that they have the 45 Senate votes necessary to override the veto, when the time comes. They are hoping to bring the bill to a general vote before the Senate adjourns for the summer break.

Ladybud will be following the Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Act and similar acts around the country as momentum and support builds for medical cannabis. You can read previous coverage of the Pennsylvania medical marijuana law here.

Photo Credit: Ruhrfisch under (CC BY-SA 3.0) via Wikimedia Commons