Detox Your Brain: Silence Your Inner Critic

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Hear that little voice inside your head that’s saying “No you can’t.” all the time? You know, the voice that always leaves you spinning, trying to regain your confidence and focus? I’m not referring to the voice that warns you not to walk down a dark alley. I’m talking about the self-defeating voice that stops many of us dead in our tracks, incapable of any forward motion- personally or professionally. It’s time to silence her once and for all. It’s time to detox your brain.

For many of us, we heard that voice when we were young and realized that there was a chance we weren’t the prettiest/smartest/richest child in the room. It was the tiniest comment that stung and gave the voice its birth. Another random comment or humiliating moment and the voice was able to take hold and burrow in like the parasite it is.

But the news worth holding onto is that you don’t have to listen to the voice anymore. You can conquer and dismiss it with a little training and ongoing commitment to yourself.

Be aware of the inner voice. Put it in its place. Know that you are in control of the situation and are perfectly capable of making the best choice for the situation at hand. Change how you talk to yourself. You wouldn’t let anyone talk like that to you; why put up with it from yourself?

  •      Replace “I can’t” with “I can.” “I will.” And, even better: “I am.”
  •      Replace “I am not good enough for that.” With “I will be successful in anything I touch.”
  •      Replace “There’s no way I’ll have what I want in life” with “I have worth and will work hard for what I want in life.”
  •      Know that you deserve the best in life. Provide yourself with internal support by being kind to yourself.

Simply put, YOU are the best person to take care of yourself. You have a wealth of knowledge and experience that no one has when it comes to your life in every situation.

Know that you are going to fail occasionally with this commitment, and that’s okay. It took time to let the inner critic in and you will need time to work through it, knowing that it’s just a small part of your inner psych and not the dominating factor in every choice you make.

Bonus Points: Find a photo of yourself as a child and put it in your billfold to remind yourself every time you see it of your commitment to silencing your inner critic. Commit to setting yourself up for success in life by using mindful language.

Remember that the child in that photo lives on and deserves your love.

Photo credit: Rohit Gowaikar [CC-BY-SA-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons