CBD-Enriched Hemp Oil Discussion Today on Farmer in the Sky Radio Hour

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The Farmer in the Sky Radio Hour on the Time for Hemp Network will feature a special 2-hour broadcast today from 4-6pm PST, discussing the controversial topic of hemp-derived CBD products.

“We will be taking an in-depth look at what their manufacturer Cannavest and marketers call ‘CBD-enriched hemp oil’ products,” says host Wolf Segal. “This will include an examination of their legal status, safety, medical efficacy, parents who swear by these products and parents who swear at them.”

Ladybud Managing Editor Vanessa Waltz will co-host today’s show. Invited guests include community members both supporting and opposing these products, as well as company representatives and an attorney involved in a pending class action lawsuit against Cannavest.

Segal’s Farmer in the Sky show debuted on March 12, 2014 and runs every Wednesday.