Denver Mayor and CO Governor Betraying Voters on Cannabis

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IMAGE: Counties of CO by the plurality their votes for & against Colorado Amendment 64 via WIKIPEDIA Commons

Denver Mayor Michael B. Hancock, who still thinks Cannabis is a gateway drug, is not in favor of the Colorado Symphony Orchestra (CSO) series called “Classically Cannabis: The High Note Series”. Denver’s Excise & Licenses Department sent a letter to the CSO stating that they “will exercise any and all options available to the city of Denver to halt the event and hold the business owners/event organizers responsible for any violations of law” last week to the CEO of CSO.

How can one be against classical music and cannabis married together in symphonic harmony? What is up with that? Typically these events encourage dressing up and embracing the fine arts. How is that bad…or wrong? Thankfully, the series will continue but now by invitation only (obviously not the fault of the organizers or sponsors). Cannabis consumers and supporters were supposedly going to be “allowed” to be treated the same as alcohol consumers but not so and not yet, apparently.

Toni Fox, owner of 3D Cannabis Center, the first to sell Cannabis on New year’s Day in the state is understandably pissed:

“We as an industry and a community need to start pushing back on Denver. I’m so sick of seeing all the city events where alcohol is being served and promoted and at every turn they are shutting down our events and making doing business extremely difficult. They are even citing us for having ‘Open’ signs.”

Recently, beer aficionado Colorado Governor Hickenlooper rebuked New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s assertion that Coloradans have a lesser quality of life than Jerseyans. Christie said, “See if you want to live in a major city in Colorado, where there’s head shops popping up on every corner and people flying into your airport just to come and get high.”

Hickenlooper shot back with stats that rightfully proved that the Centennial state ranked much more highly than the Garden State in business, infrastructure, economic growth,  careers, income…pretty much everything except directly confronting the inflection that cannabis was representative of those very attributes. Thanks for having our backs, Hickenlooper.

The fact that Hickenlooper and Mayor Hancock are not fans of cannabis legalization is no big secret. Hickenlooper even warned other state governors about legalization recently, which was huge a slap in the face to everyone in his state who believes in freedom and voted in favor of Amendment 64.


“For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.” –Nelson Mandela

The blatant disregard of citizens of Denver by Hancock is disappointing, considering that 69.5% of Denver County residents voted in favor of A64 and and 55% of Colorado’s entire population stands in agreement. Mayor Hancock and Governor Hicklenlooper really ought to hang their heads in shame for their no-confidence attitudes toward the promising, necessary and noble foray into a better future that a majority of their citizens have chosen.

It’s not only ironic that Hancock and Hickenlooper are not in favor of the constitutional amendment in the very state where it is legal to do so, but they are opposed to the political trend of their own colleagues who are in favor of more evolved drug policy. It remains to be seen if they will ever acknowledge or even care that they will are on the wrong side of history.


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