Volunteers Wanted: Speak Out About Women and Cannabis with MJ4PMS

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PHOTO: Toni, Creative Commons

Have you used cannabis as medicine for women’s problems? MJ4PMS is seeking women brave enough to speak about their experience with PMS, cramps, medical procedures, mammograms, menopause, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, and the full gamut of health problems that affect women and which may not have been discussed in mixed company before.

This week MJ4PMS is looking for passionate and enthusiastic ladies who want to volunteer for video interviews to speak out from their hearts. This project provides an outlet for sharing real stories and information to educate and inspire women. We are discussing cannabis as medicine for women’s problems to reach females in more prohibitive states. Clips from the interviews shot April 18-22, 2014, will be shown to female leaders and community organizers in Maryland, and shared online on Youtube.

Sofia Wren Nitchie and David Buddy Cosner created #MJPMS in Maryland, which in the last month has passed bills for decriminalization and medical cannabis. However, the old laws are still on the books there and are being enforced, and women do not currently have safe access. Women and loved ones seeking to help them depend on the black market to find their medicine.

Sofia Wren got an IUD interuterine device insertion in 2013 and was recommended two over the counter pain killers—she testified to the Maryland House this spring about her experience vomiting in the bushes outside her workplace, and not being able to work for days . Cannabis was all that helped her cramps from the procedure then and later as pain reoccurred after for many months. However, cannabis is much harder to acquire than over the counter painkillers and asking for it comes with legal risks and social risks.

That’s why MJ4PMS believes it is time that women take control of their health and speak out about the problems we experience so that we can create change and allow all women and their loved ones safe access to medical cannabis. Decriminalization and medical definitely are an improvement, but a tax and regulation system like Colorado makes it perfect for women to acquire medicine safely and easily.

Please click here  to learn more or volunteer.