Denver: 3D Cannabis Center is the Place to Buy Legally on 4/20 Weekend

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PHOTO: Toni Fox, Owner of 3D © Diane Fornbacher/Ladybud Magazine

Come get legal in Colorado at the very first business to be able to do so — 3D Cannabis Center at 4305 Brighton Boulevard in Denver. It’s just 1 block south of I-70 on the south-side of the Coliseum, directly in front of the Forney Museum. Over 50 parking spaces are available and 3D is handicap accessible as well as ADA compliant in all areas. 

3D was pivotal in helping the laws pass with much time, effort and authentic concern for civil liberties. It seems right that the first legal purchase of cannabis happened there on New Year’s Day. You too can be a part of history this 420 weekend by coming to 3D, “getting legal in the Mile High City” and experiencing the welcoming and rustic energy of this historic, must-see landmark.

From 3D’s site:

“We believe that cannabis is a crop and not a crime. We believe that everyone over the age of 21 should have the right to choose to use a substance safer than alcohol without the fear associated with horrible and unjust prohibition.”

Home of the World’s Largest Cannabis Viewing Corridor,  Adults 21+ can come in and be a part of history by viewing some of the strains that are being grown on site. Please become acquainted with the available cannabis on the menu to make your Colorado 420 experience completely righteous! Also available are high quality infused products including confections, drinks, and edibles from Edipure Edibles and Dixie Elixirs.

Hours 4/20 Weekend: 8 a.m. – 7 p.m. with on-site ATM machines for customer convenience.

3d cannabis center

Photo taken by an enthusiastic buyer who made the trek to celebrate 4/20 weekend all the way from New York.

Prices before tax:
3.5 Grams = $50
1 Gram = $20
Pre-rolled Cones = $13.50 

Presidential Kush
Orange Kush
Cataract Kush
Death Star
Grape God 

Purple Headband
Golden Goat
Witches Weed
Juicy Fruit
Holy Grail 

Blue Dream
Chem Dog 4
Lemon Skunk
Grape Trainwreck 

Sour diesel
Juicy Flo
Death star
Lemon skunk
Prez Kush