The Return of the Boston Pot Report

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Submitted by Cara Crabb-Burnham and Keith Saunders

After a 6-month hiatus, a move to a new internet radio station, a reunion of the ‘A’ lineup, and a return to Friday afternoons, the Boston Pot Report did not miss a beat on its WEMF Radio debut on April 4.

Norm L. Mass

Dr. Keith Saunders AKA “The Most Dangerous Stoner in America”
Image: D.Fornbacher/Ladybud Magazine

“It feels like going home again, having Cara and Tomor back where they belong,” said Dr. Keith Saunders AKA “The Most Dangerous Stoner in America,” the founder and host of the show. In studio with Saunders were co-host, Cara Crabb-Burnham, producer Matthew Tomor, special correspondent Ted Hightide, and four members of MassCann’s board of directors.

The Boston Pot Report features a weekly roundup of cannabis-centric news, politics, and culture. With Saunders serving on the NORML board of directors and Crabb-Burnham, the president of MassCann, marijuana reform activism is also a major topic of conversation.

“Taste Tests on the :20’s” involve the studio guests and staff sampling various strains of cannabis, sometimes in unexpected forms. Friday’s Taste Tests kicked off with cannabis-infused homebrewed ale, it was followed an hour later by lemony Dutch Treat #5 buds in a vaporizer (smoking in the studio is strictly forbidden). The sample in the 4:20 Taste Test were chocolate truffles.

Music fills the breaks between segments, with the début show offering a lineup of classic and current songs about marijuana and getting high. Future shows will feature live performances from major local and regional bands, plus a greater diversity of musical styles than most other radio shows. “Music sounds better when you are high, and every genre of music to come out of 20th century America has some connection to marijuana culture: Jazz, Blues, R&B, Swing, Rock and Roll, Reggae, Hip-Hop, you name it,” notes Saunders.

Cara Crabb-Burnham

Cara working hard at the Boston Freedom Rally
Photo: Diane Fornbacher/Ladybud Magazine

Scheduled interviews included Yvonne Snyder, a Seattle Hempfest steering committee member, and Philadelphia rabble-rouser and City Council candidate N.a. Poe. While focused on the Boston area, the Boston Pot Report has built core listenership in other cities, such as Seattle, Denver, and Philly. Crabb-Burnham said, “Because the show focuses so much on marijuana reform, we appeal to everyone across the country who likes marijuana and thinks we need to change the laws.”

“The BPR is one of WEMF Radio’s flagship shows, and with all the changes happening now regarding legalization it is a great way for people to get exposure to the cutting-edge, and be entertained at the same time,” added Tomor, “And even though the three of us had not worked together regularly in the past 16 months, once we went on the air, it was as if we had done it all along.”

The Boston Pot Report can be heard live on Fridays, starting at 2 p.m. Eastern Time on