I Left My Job in the Military to Become a Marijuana Farmer, PART 3

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By Bud Doc

PART THREE, click here for PART ONE ///click here for PART TWO

Well, a lot has happened since I last left you. I have completed my transit west and set up camp out here.

It was quite the challenging trip! I was met with some very nasty weather, including 60 MPH cross winds that pushed my trailer all over the place; I definitely had to learn to take my time and not rush.

I met a couple of cool people on my trip as well. I gave a young couple in Cali my awesome hash brownies, but only after convincing them I wasn’t a nut job trying to poison them. Also, in Indiana I met a cool guy from Florida headed to Colorado with a few of his friends. He even followed up with me after and let me know what a good time he had.

My place is all set up, but unfortunately I have been sick for going on two weeks. It’s bad, but whatever. Money has been tight since leaving my job — it’s very difficult to manage the debt, fronts, bills, child support etc., etc. One thing is for sure, my calling is not for the faint of heart. EXTREMELY stressful is a good starting point when trying to describe it. But this is the life I have chosen, so it is what it is.

I was able to attend the Cannabis Cup held in San Bernardino last month. This place was off the chain. Free dabs everywhere, killer deals on great vape pens, trim machines, education, and some awesome seminars. A few important business contacts were made and I learned things which were invaluable; the things I learned can’t be found via Google.

I visited numerous dispensaries and found that they all have different procedures for vendors. Some are much better than others. Although a few are nice places and of course the budtenders are knowledgable, there are definitely things that can be improved at these establishments. A few times there were very, very short and uninformative meetings. “Here, fill out this form and we will call you if we like it” type statements were made. Sure, no problem, I’ll sit by my phone waiting on that call.

Unfortunately, I must let you all know that my original partnership has dissipated, but no worries, Bud Doc will be jusssssssst fine.

That being said, my new partnership is blossoming! I met a couple who are also transplants into the area, temporarily. They are very intelligent and very trustworthy. They work their butts off trimming and doing whatever else has to be done to live the free life they want. Now I am going to be able to help them realize a dream by helping them save up money to open their own self-sufficient education center where they are from. I am really looking forward to seeing that happen!

After parting with the previous partner, my original plans had to change. I once heard the term “Semper Gumby,” a spin-off of the “Semper Fi” from the Marine Corps; in other words Instead of “Always ready,” I try to be “Always flexible.” Very few days in my military career went exactly as originally planned. As a soldier, you have to be ready for anything. Instead of an outside farm and a greenhouse as I’d originally intended, I decided instead to fund another indoor grow. This will help fund a larger farm next year or later this year, if a great opportunity presents itself.

I had to take a step back and realize that I was (kinda still am) moving too fast. As long as I can eat and pay my bills I do not need excess. I am in re-invest mode and have the discipline to make this happen. Make what happen exactly? Good question.

I don’t know anymore. Recently I have had interactions with people that made me want to leave altogether. Nothing that is a threat to my life, but just not good vibes if you know what I mean. At one point, I thought I just wanted to bail and head down to Costa Rica.

Then it hit me: I miss Florida. I miss sport fishing on the water. That’s what I want to do. Do I need a mansion? NOPE. Do I need a 65′ sport fishing boat? NOPE.

Everything in moderation…Including my new grow op. It’s going to take patience and time, but I’ve got those.

To be continued…