Pure Organic Apple Cinnamon Bar

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Do you like apple pie? If so, the Pure Organic Apple Cinnamon Bar is like a whole pie condensed into a 200 calorie treat that’s guilt-free and has only ingredients that anyone can pronounce: dates, apples, agave nectar, walnuts, cashew butter, almonds, brown rice protein and lots of cinnamon!

It’s perfect for conscientious eaters ┬ábecause it’s certified gluten-free, organic and vegan but anyone with a palate will enjoy it. There are generous chunks of apple and nuts and just a fraction of the calories eating a whole pie would yield. At Ladybud, we felt absolutely spoiled noshing on the Apple Cinnamon Bar and want to order a whole box of them.

Not a fan of apples and cinnamon? Good news — Pure Organic also has equally delicious Organic Bars in Cashew Coconut, Banana Coconut, Dark Chocolate Berry, Chocolate Brownie, Wild Blueberry, Cherry Cashew and Cranberry Orange.PureGivesBackv2_310

Check out Pure Organic’s ‘About’ page and learn about a company with products that feed the body and soul but also┬ácontributes to the world and gives back to our fellow humans.