Exodus to Colorado: Aid for Medical Refugees

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PHOTO: Drew Coffman, Creative Commons

The exodus of patients moving to Colorado is growing.

Michelle Monk is a mom and cancer patient on her way to Grand Junction from Texas. Shania Williams is a 3 year old from Texas on her way to Grand Junction for a chromosomal deletion, epilepsy, and more.  Pamela Bailey has Chrohn’s Disease, as well as Lyme Disease.  Her children also have Lyme, causing her 3 year old, Brileigh, extreme seizures.  Victoria Houston is a pet lover, cannabis activist, and survivor of trauma on her way to Denver from Texas as well.  Ron Butler is a cannabis activist and has Cerebral Palsy and MS and is destined for Denver.  Seth Green is a cannabis activist who has Cerebral Palsy and MS in Tennessee and is getting ready to go to Denver as well.  Dave Deering is a MS Patient residing in Ohio who needs to get to Denver.

These are just 8 of Undergreen Railroad’s current moves with which we need your help.  Undergreen Railroad has had so many requests to leave, that we cannot give out anymore applications at this time.

It is becoming very clear that patients are willing to leave their homes for their safe, non-toxic, effective medicine.  Moms and dads will uproot their entire lives and family’s lives to seek treatment for themselves or their children.  The states that don’t allow medical cannabis will begin to see their populations shrink, and Texas is at the top of the list of states to leave within Undergreen Railroad.

We must ask lawmakers of these states, and all non-medical states why they think it is ok to see their constituents suffer.  We must ask them why we make the sickest of the sick leave their support systems, loved ones, and homes for a safe medical treatment.

We must challenge them to answer these questions on record and show themselves as compassionate, or not.

The sadness that I feel as I read the pleas for help is overwhelming some days.  I know my colleagues share it.  One day, after reading about three-year-old Dahlia, I cried for hours after learning of her brain surgeries with no pain medication.  Reading of Brileigh in Georgia, who has Intractable Lyme Disease and is suffering from daily seizures and fevers, was another story that really got to me.  She’s 3. I wish we could do more!

Reading these stories will pull at your heart and when it does, get involved!  Please work toward changing your state’s laws and help make the need for Undergreen Railroad obsolete.  Until those changes are made, we need you to help us change these people’s lives. We need you to open your wallets and your homes, and share your ideas, your medicine, and your airline miles.  Any way that you can help, we can use it for these people in need.  You can make a difference in their lives in ways that they can only imagine.  Will you?

Kristie Wheeler is our contact in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  She runs Moving For Marijuana, a non-profit formed to help with the intake of all of the patients coming into Colorado.  She needs help with getting people appointments to see doctors for their cards in cities all over Colorado.  She needs help finding them shelter, medicine, and other basic needs.  Kristie is an amazing resource for these patients, but she can’t do it alone.  If you can help her, please let us know.