Off To a Good Start: New Music in 2014

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Even though February isn’t even halfway over yet, the year 2014 has already been packed with new album releases that appeal to diverse music lovers and crowds. Beginning with albums released in January, here are a few cool picks:

Pixies, EP2 (Jan. 3)
Genre: Alternative/Indie Rock
The second in a series of EPs released by the Pixies, 4-track EP2 incorporates sounds that are nostalgic and reminiscent of their earlier styles, while concurrently incorporating characteristics of their later productions. The Pixies is a group that never disappoints their devoted listeners, continuing to show dedication to their roots in conjunction with an unfailing interest in musical progression.

Warpaint, Warpaint (Jan 17)
Genre: Indie Rock
Composed of songs created by a collaboration of each of the band members, Warpaint distinguishes the band in a darker, deeper way than their previous offerings. With instrumentation varying from acoustic instruments to drum machines, the ebb and flow of this album differs greatly from their previous ones in a way that Warpaint fans will be craving by their next release.

Mogwai, Rave Tapes (Jan 21)
Genre: Post-Rock
Originating from Glasgow, Scotland in 1995, Mogwai’s  8th studio album has welcomed praise from critics and fans alike. With confident melodies layered over their sample-scattered instrumentals, this album proves that like a fine wine, some bands are only enhanced over time.

Dum Dum Girls, Too True (Jan 28)
Genre: Indie/Dream Pop
Coming a long way from where they began six years ago, the Dum Dum Girls excited listeners with an evolved sound in their new album, Too True.  With a newly-matured ability to depict raw emotion with minimal instrumentation and vocals, this album is sure to be an apex in the band’s career.

Like January, the month of February won’t disappoint with new music, either:

Broken Bells, After the Disco (Feb 4)
Genre: Alternative/Indie Rock
Broken Bells’ sophomore album allures audiences with ethereal instrumentation and intriguing melodic variability. The duo (Brian Burton; artist-producer known as Danger Mouse, and James Mercer; guitarist/vocalist of The Shins) weaves a fluid transparency of light layers and dense harmonies to create an imaginative story with the distinctive ambiance their fans know and love.

The Presidents of the United States of America, Kudos to You! (Feb 17)
Genre: Pop Punk
Kudos to You! is energetic, exciting, and everything that The Presidents of the United States of America (or sometimes referred to as “Pot USA”) encompassed in their previous five releases. Sponsored by contributions from fans as a PledgeMusic project, Pot USA met their financial goal in nine days – and thanks to their supporters, Kudos to You! was born.

St. Vincent, St. Vincent (Feb 25)
Genre: Indie/Baroque Pop
St. Vincent continues to woo her audiences with her eclectic and thoroughly pleasing combination of musicianship and songwriting skills; which consistently improves and blossoms with each album release. Self-titled St. Vincent is sure to impress critics and entice new listeners alike.

Beck, Morning Phase
Genre: Alternative Rock
Intending to melodically and harmonically parallel Morning Phase with his 2002 album Sea Change, Beck succeeds by having former band mates that recorded the former to return to record the latter. With this emotional and optimistic album rounding out the twelfth of Beck’s dozen releases, it leaves his listeners satisfied and yearning for more.